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Eternal Embrace

As time relentlessly pierces the shrouds of forever. As the ocean forever carries secrets of an unforeseen future. The love of two has been forged into the morning of a new life. A life never before imagined. A life that remains a journey, forever casting light into the hearts of those who may never feel the warmth of a radiant heart.
They embrace with the passion that can never be found without the love as reaching as the stars of a warm summer night.
For it is the love we seek, the love we live, the love that we have become.

Patrick J. Reynolds


Eternal Embrace Floated in Texture frame on Natural silk liners


29x56 framed

Here is a detailshot of how they aer each "floated". The piece is nested on top of natural silk liners (hand wrapped), staged next to a black frame, which is finished off with Italian moulding. The glass is of course Museum quality, u/v.

By the way, All of the images are on 800lb hand pressed paper.

Here is the oil version of Eternal Embrace.

It is 24x60 unframed.

Eternal Embrace was painted on the question, How do you paint the deepest love. I added the red to set forth a true passion between them and swirling upward. The hands speak as they gently caress the body of the other.Eyes closed, his world, his thoughts are only of her.

Leaving the turmoil of the world behind, they embrace.